Speaker: Bill Dennison
Topic: Logging Stories of the Diamond Match Company 1900-1944

Bill is a third generation Diamond Match employee, working on a survey crew and as a choker setter, catskinner, and forest engineer (1953-71). He was raised and lived in logging camps from the age of two weeks to eighteen years. Bill has a BS Degree in Forestry (UC Berkeley 1959) and has been a Registered Professional Forester for the past 52 years. He has been involved with several groups, including the California Forestry Association as President/CEO (1971-94), a Plumas County Supervisor (1995-2006), and the Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference Executive Director/CEO (1995-2006).

Bill has authored a book “What’s in the Woods?” (2013), and has recently chaired a History Project which produced an 18 minute documentary film entitled “We are the Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference – And This Is Our Story (December 2016). Bill is married to LaVon, volunteers at the Jesus Center and Torrey Pine, and enjoys traveling and talking about logging in the Sierra-Cascades.